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We're waiting! When it is out?! Vol II will be released very early 2016. Yeah, I know, it's delaying, but so did M. And people tend to forget I'm just one person working on two books, a real job, and a personal life..

In the interim, feast your eyes on this:

UPDATE: I'm mostly done. M is final and stable (if you discount 26 maintenance releases...), and Volume II will be out January 2016 - exactly a year after Volume I In a little bit. Seriously, it's a lot of work.
What about M? I'm covering M. Now that it's out (10/2015), Volume I has been updated accordingly as well, including the new binaries, several new files, and some security changes. M has changed a ton since the PRs, but now that it's final, I'm on it . Mind you, M can change (as L has severeal times between the preview versions..) but I do what I can to stay ahead of the curve. Or at least with the curve as it's curving wildly. Any changes from the TOC? ART gets its own chapter - Detailed breakdown of the runtime, from file formats (OAT/ART) through the runtime threads, allocators, GC, everything. Some other minor changes, but overall as planned. I left no stone unturned with the original TOC. And Volume III? Deferred. Simply because I'm throwing everything into MOXiI 2nd, which is a total revamp of the 1st end and required unprecedented reverse engineering. Reason #2 is because at the kernel level Android and Linux are 95% identical. Thus, a book about Android Kernel is essentially another work on the Linux Kernel - and there's *very* detailed (albeit rather old) references on that. That said, I'm keeping it as a thought. Drop me a line if you think it's a good idea. Price???? From the looks of it, $40-50 for the PDF, $60-65 for the print copy. The page count here looks like it's significantly higher than that of Volume I (which was $30/$50 for 250 A4 pages). Price is not 100% final (差不多). And yes, you can have BTC as well (on order 0.2/0.3BTC)

Volume I is out.