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Frequently Asked Questions - September 2017 update

TL;DR: Volume II is not dead. It shall rise at last, in early 2017

Volume II Questions

We're waiting! When it is out?! Vol II will be released very early 2018. Yeah, I know, you've heard that before - but this time it's for real. I had MOXiI's 2nd edition to deal with.. that totally sucked up all my time, but both volumes III and now I are out, so I can turn my attention to Android's second and last volume. And people tend to forget I'm just one person working on two books, a real job, and a personal life..

What's covered? Everything I can on. Yes, it's updated for Oreo, including Treble (HAL virtualization,etc), instant apps, latest ART optimizations (all the way up to 42/124), and more Any changes from the TOC? ART gets its own chapter - Detailed breakdown of the runtime, from file formats (OAT/ART) through the runtime threads, allocators, GC, everything. Some other minor changes, but overall as planned. I left no stone unturned with the original TOC. And Volume III?

Nope. two volumes, that's it. A volume for the kernel does NOT make sense because it would have to be a full Linux Kernel Internals book. I am well aware there has been nothing since 2.6.35, but that would be a Herculean effort on par with MOXiI. No.

Deferred. Simply because I'm throwing everything into MOXiI 2nd, which is a total revamp of the 1st end and required unprecedented reverse engineering. Reason #2 is because at the kernel level Android and Linux are 95% identical. Thus, a book about Android Kernel is essentially another work on the Linux Kernel - and there's *very* detailed (albeit rather old) references on that. That said, I'm keeping it as a thought. Drop me a line if you think it's a good idea. Price???? From the looks of it, $40-50 for the PDF, $60-65 for the print copy. The page count here looks like it's significantly higher than that of Volume I (which was $30/$50 for 250 A4 pages). Price is not 100% final (差不多). And yes, you can have BTC as well (on order 0.2/0.3BTC)

Volume I is out.