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Update (Feb 16th): Minor setback in printing books means shipping around mid March.. BUT.. also that Android 13 Developer Preview changes will be included. I'll open Amazon product page (with their hefty 25% commissions :-( mid March as well

Update (March 6th): Book is coming out next week when I'm back from Europe. But.. after much deliberation I had to push Chapters 6 and 7 (UI and Input) to Volume IV as well, since they are so closely interrelated. It was a hard choice to make, especially when the Input chapter was the first chapter (of both volumes!) I had managed to complete (and now, of course, update) .

It only took me, what, 6 years(??), after setting off the wormhole of Android with Volume I, back in Lollipop (5.0). Volume II was scheduled for Marshmallow.. Then ART kept changing on me.. Then #Vault7 happened and I was sinking into MOXiI...

But we're here, finally. One year after the 2nd edition of Volume I, I'm into post-editing and (literally) building the cover image for Vol II, so I'm opening up preorders. Now - There HAVE been changes along the way. Most notably, I had to scale it down. I was getting to over 500 pages (and wasn't even done yet), so I had to split the book.

Thus, the up to date (and final) ToC for Volume II is:

  1. AOSP sources and the NDK
  2. Bionic, the linker, and native-level debugging
  3. Package Management and the PackageManager
  4. Application Components and the ActivityManager
  5. Application Services
  1. The UI and WidowManager
  2. The Input stack and InputManager
  1. Dalvik
  2. ART
  3. Binder

And that ended up at close to 400 360 pages - my usual A4 super-size, with many illustrations and a few full-page ones, to boot! Pre-orders are open - email me to preorder@, as usual. Pricing is same as Vol I - and I'll gladly take 0.005BTC or 0.07ETH if you want to get rid of some of your crypto as things are coming down.

I really hoped initially for two volumes. But if you've followed the saga (and the evolution of AOSP), you already know I decided to expand to a trilogy - for all things security. That's still on track and will be out mid 2022. But I am now taking this opportunity to announce (*sigh*):

"Android Internals" is now a tetralogy

There will now be a Volume IV, which will be entirely devoted to hardware, including:

The good news is that I have most of Vol IV complete (since it was part of II, but split due to page and time constraints). I have the tall order of finishing BOTH IV and III by mid to end of year. The benefit(?) of this is that (like I used to do with MOXiI) I'll keep the entire quadrilogy up to date so long as I'm working on it (i.e. Android 13 compatbility guaranteed).